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Meet our newest Wellness Practitioner

Meet Katherine Johnson of Calm Energy Wellness:

My passion is to help others grow personally in their life journey. I have always had a compassionate heart and open ear to listen and feel what others are experiencing. A few years ago I had a spark to make changes in my life to work on personal growth and also following my passion. I am drawn to the healing of touch and energetically helping others with their growth providing love, peace and positivity. While working on personal learning and growth, I met various people in my life that introduced me to various modalities that I became drawn to pursue. I believe in the modalities and see how they help me and my family along with inspiring others and helping others heal themselves.

I am a Bowenwork® Practitioner and happy to help others become relaxed, balanced and work towards restoring their body from various conditions or overall wellness and prevention! One part I like about Bowenwork® is that it is a non-invasive technique. The technique is small moves performed on the body in the soft tissue areas initiating the nervous system to rebalance and help the body heal itself. Many clients have said this is the most relaxing modality they have ever experienced.

Additionally, I work with BEMER, a medical device from Europe that is a form of vascular therapy for conditions or prevention and wellness! Using the device is amazing as a low pulse electromagnetic frequency like what comes from the Earth goes into the body allowing the blood to flow. As oxygen and nutrients comes in and metabolic waste goes out the body enhances with energy, increased blood flow, cardiac function, pain relief, sleep management, stress relief, endurance, oxygen supply, mental acuity, detox, relaxation.

I am blessed and grateful to start doing private sessions at The Sacred Space Frisco and connecting with others who are looking to heal in alternative ways!

Check out my page for more details and feel free to contact me to connect!

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