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Passing the Yoga Torch

Friends, it has been a wonderful yoga journey with you since I began Sacred Space Yoga Studio is 2014. I have grown so much as a result of this intentional yoga community that was created around this Sacred Space. As many of you know we shut down our regular yoga classes, drum circles, and other enrichment classes during COVID and chose to re-open as an Airbnb and occasional yoga space for workshops early this year. While we can still be rented for yoga or other enrichment workshops I have been on a search for a yoga studio in the area that reflects the same heart and passion that I carry for this practice, especially in deepening a yoga practice beyond just physical fitness towards a practice that can transform the mind and body. I have wanted to whole-heartedly recommend a place for you to continue your practice where you would be treated with the same love, care and nurturing that you received at Sacred Space.

I am so thrilled to share with you that I have found such a studio not far from our Sacred Space. Alchemy Yoga Studio, owned and operated by Ayako Mahtani, former instructor at Gaia Yoga in Plano, opened her beautiful and serene space in September of this year. She has a wonderful heated and very large yoga space with a dedicated meditation room where she hosts sound baths twice a week using her crystal singing bowls and gong. I have been enjoying her space so much. I see clearly that more than just building a beautiful space, she is building a beautiful community of people committed to changing their lives on and off the mat. She has such a rare and understanding heart. She welcomes people who have experienced trauma (which was a core issue we wanted to hold space for at Sacred Space). She is not only an accomplished yoga instructor, but she is also an athlete having finished her first ironman competition recently and she is a brave cancer survivor. She teaches the full spectrum from gentle vinyasa to strong yoga practices based in Ashtanga. She is also an avid practitioner and teacher of meditation and has completed yearly 10-day silent meditation retreats for the last 8 years. She is now a certified meditation teacher as well as an RYT 500 hour teacher. I recommend her studio to you without reservation and I hope to practice with you there on the mat, as it has become my new yoga home for my own growth in this practice. She and her wonderful instructors (all of them are also fabulous) will take great care of you. The best part is that Ayako has offered any of my former students at Sacred Space to enjoy a full FREE WEEK of classes to try it out. Simply give her a call and mention that you are my former student and she will set you up. Visit her website at or visit her studio in person near the corner of Wade Blvd and Preston (across from the Frisco Athletic Center) at Alchemy Yoga, 8877 Wade Blvd #100, Frisco.

So for now, it is "goodbye" as your yoga instructor, but "hello" as your host if you need a Sacred Space for a personal retreat, for family/friends who come into town, or just as a mini-getaway staycation place. You will find comfort here at Sacred Space as well as a place for quiet reflection and calm. Come visit us here on the Airbnb platform.


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