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YogaTales for Kids Online

Hey Sacred Space Community,

We are doing some really fun stuff online right now and wanted to share this one with those who may be stuck at home with small children, who may or may not be doing their e-learning. We get it. If you need a stretch break for the kids or a sanity break for yourself, share this video with your kids aged 3-10 and if you are feeling really adventurous, try it on yourself. You might have a bit of fun too. We love our community and want to support you in any way you can. I will be filming these at least once a week from the curriculum I have written over the last 6 years called YogaTales for Kids. If you are interested in learning more about YogaTales or bringing it to your school after we get through all this craziness, we offer this as either an in-school or after-school enrichment program. Learn more about YogaTales here.

But for now enjoy this class on me.



Creator of YogaTales for Kids

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