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Non-invasive Techniques to Freeing Your Body

Are you looking for alternative ways to gently and naturally help you overcome stressors from the environment, trauma, food, etc. or pain in the sciatic, knees, lower back, hamstrings, wrist, tennis elbow, migraines, respiratory, digestion, shoulder, neck, allergies and various other conditions? There are alternative ways as your body works to naturally heal itself instead of taking a pill for a temporary or quick fix. The techniques described in detail below will help your body overcome stress, pain, chronic illness, stagnant energetic body flow.  Katherine Johnson of Calm Energy Wellness provides these quality wellness solutions using gentle moves, acupuncture points and pulse electromagnetic therapy to energetically help the body correct itself. The goal of these techniques is reaching a free state of well-being in body relaxation, balance and restoration. I invite you to join me opening your heart and mind to release your current or past conditions!

Many clients have said Bowenwork® is the most relaxing modality they have ever experienced. It is a technique for rebalancing of the nervous system and performing small, no-invasive moves integrated with connective tissue, muscle, joints, fascia, stimulation to internal organs, acupuncture points and meridians, harmonic vibration patterns, lymphatics and detoxification. For all ages, helping the body heal itself from various conditions, injury to chronic illness.  Bowenwork® is appropriate for anyone from babies, to athletes, to an elderly person for use in recovering from injuries, illnesses, trauma, etc. A session comprises of laying on a table clothed and the practitioner performing gentle non-invasive moves for a specific problem or the body overall. Between moves the practitioner allows time for the body to respond and integrate the specific technique being done.

Vascular Therapy
Vascular Therapy is offered as an additional integrated therapy with another modality experiencing the miracle home/office Medical Device from Europe called BEMER. It enhances general blood flow, cardiac function, detox, oxygen supply, strength, relaxation, mental acuity, sleep management, energy... Presented by an Independent BEMER Distributor see how BEMER fits in your lifestyle for you and your loved ones including your pets. Try it out during the first one on one session and then add it for other sessions to see how it can further fit into your lifestyle.

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The Calm Energy Wellness Journey

​Meet Katherine with Calm Energy Wellness, who is originally from Illinois and now resides in Texas. Newer to the holistic and bioenergy community bringing passion to help others with healing modalities and a background in technology. The passion of finding and learning Bowenwork® and Vascular Therapy is what has made Calm Energy Wellness. There continues to be a strife to add more tools to the business to help others grow too including Health Kinesiology and other modalities that come Katherine’s way.

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