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Grow Your Wellness Business in a Sacred Space

In our opinion, wellness professionals typically aren't paid enough for the investment they have made in their training, nor for the time, energy and heart that they put into each class or into their clients.  We are aiming to change this downward spiral at The Sacred Space.  Our goal is to partner with yoga instructors, body workers, and other wellness business owners to help them grow their own businesses in Frisco, Texas and beyond.   


If you are passionate about transforming lives and looking to grow your health and wellness business, we are holding space for you to utilize our nurturing, healing and uplifting atmosphere for your clients.  For the cost of a monthly gym or studio membership for a 6 month commitment, you can offer your own classes here, charge your own fees to your clients and keep the net profits. We are here to facilitate a clean, nurturing, beautiful, and energetically uplifting space to showcase your talent and spread your light.  If you have a private following of clients and are searching for a place to ground and grow your skills as well as your income, contact me to talk about setting up your business here.  

Leah Knippel, Founder/Owner

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