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Mary Alexander

I'm a traditional Naturopath and Certified LifeLine Practitioner, and I live in Prosper, TX. I love to educate my clients about natural and holistic wellness, specifically using the LifeLine Technique®. It is a 16-step system, a mind medicine technique, that acts as a blueprint to the subconscious mind and activates self-healing on all levels. With it, I guide my clients to intentionally process emotionally charged memories, which shifts their subconscious, fear-based patterns and allows them to thrive in body, mind, and spirit.


I have an incredible passion for guiding my clients to remembering their true nature and to see greatness in them during their darkest moments. I know that the body speaks the mind, and nothing is more fulfilling for me than seeing immediate, lasting changes in my clients' mental and physical health.



Through LifeLine sessions, I help my clients discover the limiting beliefs they hold about themselves that are keeping them from living their lives with intention; I teach about the fascinating subconscious mind, and its role in health; I guide my clients to realize not only wellness, but new-found purpose and abundance in their lives.​ I'm so grateful to be a part of the story of this incredible Sacred Space. 

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