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Even the Horses are Speaking, Are you Listening?

Horses have been part of my life since childhood and for the last 15 years, co-facilitators in my psychotherapy practice. My equine-guided lesson in listening began when my horse Pooh came into my life at age 14. This horse and I had a deeply connected relationship for over 20 years and he completely shifted my world. Without saying a word, Pooh soothed my unspoken wounds, connected me with my courageous self and challenged me in ways I had never been able to before on my own. Nature and horses were my sacred space and where I felt in tune and at peace with myself. Even at such a young age, I had a deep knowing that Pooh was re-connecting me with my Heart and Soul. He is the reason I partner with horses in a therapeutic practice today.

In 2013 I self published a book, Journey To The Heart Through The Way Of The Horse, composed of horse wisdom I had been gathering for about six years. This book originated from a Shamanic Journey I experienced in 2006. I can’t remember the original question I asked of my guides at the time, but clearly they had a different agenda with me that day. Instead, I found myself surrounded by horses, as far as I could see. They had come to me because they wanted me to write their story. To tell the human race why they are here on this earth. Why they have always been with us. To say this was scary, was a complete understatement. If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure I came up with all sorts of excuses – both during that journey and afterward – of why there was NO WAY I could ever write what they were wanting. These Spirit Horses were relentless in their request. They came into my dreams on a regular basis with their persistent appeal. As I continued to ignore my dreams, the horses in my daily life joined in the campaign, so I was getting it from both sides of the veil. This dual sided approach went on for quite a while. For the record, it is not always fun to have a herd of massive beings following you around and in your face with the reminder of such a sacred invitation! Eventually I said yes and began writing their words of wisdom.

I sat with my herd, friends’ horses, historical horses, horses in art exhibits, horse ancestors, horses at sporting events and even the evolutional line of horses. Each time vigorously writing down the words of their flowing, deeply moving language. I came to understand their deep wisdom and ancient lineage. That Horse is here to assist not only in our healing, but also in our growth toward expanded connection and Higher Conscious Awareness. In my time with them, it has become very clear they are here on this Earth for a specific mission.

“It was long ago when we came.

We came to remind you of who you are.

We are part of you and we hold the key to you remembering all of Who You Are.

You are Love. You are Freedom. You are Joy.

You are expansiveness beyond limitation.

We as Horse, embody all of these characteristics

And yet you possess them as well.

And yet you seem to forget.

We have been here all along to remind you of your True Way.

Your True Nature.

In our interactions with you,

We show and share with you this True Essence of Being.

There are no limitations. There is no end to it. It just IS.

We carry these qualities throughout your entire being.

When you sit with us, you are connected to this essence.

But at times, you still seem to forget that we are simply showing you,

Reminding you, of what you already possess.

There is no cost for it.

It is simply who you are.

And so we, collectively Horse, wish to remind you

Of the expansive love that IS the human race.

Come back and remember this for yourselves.

Allow the memory and the knowing to course through your very being

And let it expand throughout the land and the world.

Connect with us all and live in this state of bliss and knowledge.

Be the Essence of Who You Are.”

"The Horse Consciousness" from Journey To The Heart Through The Way Of The Horse (p. 15-16)

I love this passage recorded from the Collective Horse Consciousness. To me, it is a principal base of Horse Medicine. As I partner with these amazing, gentle and wise beings, I see first hand their gifts to us in this realm. They support us in creating a grounded connection with the Earth and all of Nature. They inherently model how to walk from a place of Balance and Harmony with our selves and the world around us. The wisdom of their herd based certainty that all interactions are able to come from a source of Compassion, Partnership and Right Use of Power.

This morning as I was sitting with the herd (and gathering my courage to write this article), they shared a present day message on their role and ways they are walking with us.

“We are here to pattern the Earth’s energy into a harmony of flow. Our hoof beats flow with the Heartbeat of the Earth. When humans walk with us, they calibrate themselves to this flow. This is the Original Vibration. It is why we are here. Attuning with Self. Being in flow with all around. Entrainment with the Earth.”

This special herd of horses is calling us to listen, connect and flow with Mother Earth’s vibration. I see them inviting each one of us to step outside into Nature. Feel your feet planted and in communion with the Earth. Hear the hoof beats of her vibrational pulse and attune to this internal Heart. Take a deep breath. Allow yourself to step into this beautiful, harmonious field. Stand with your Horse Guide who shows up to walk with you on the Original Vibration path.

Even the horses are speaking…Are you listening?

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Sara B. Willerson, LCSW and Horses, Heart & Soul® provide Equine Facilitated Psychotherapy, Learning and Nature Inspired Creativity services for children and adults in the North Texas area. Sara and her herd live and work on 19 peaceful acres just north of Dallas, TX. She is a graduate of Smith College School for Social Work and Hollins College. She completed an Equine Experiential Learning Apprenticeship with Eponaquest in 2003 and is an Advanced Approved Instructor. She is tri-certified with and a board member of Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada. She is trained in Shamanic Practice and Healing Touch For Animals®. Sara's professional experience has focused on working with clients through issues of trauma, anxiety, depression, grief, and life transitions. Together with her equine partners, Sara invites everyone to experience the transformational healing power of the horse outside of the traditional office environment. For more information please visit

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