Finding Peace in the Urban Arena

Horse Guided Wisdom for Daily Life

Free Experiential Gathering

Sunday September 15, 2-3 pm

Do you find yourself feeling overwhelmed? Stressed? Pulled WAY too thin some days? 

Living in the city has a strong vibrational pull all on its own. Sometimes it is very challenging to find a moment of peace and reset with all we have going on in our daily lives. 


What if I told you that a very special herd of horses has the perfect practice to support these moments? A herd of healing horses who LOVES to work with humans and support us in connecting with the Heart of Who You Are! The Horses, Heart & Soul® Herd has created an easy to use practice designed to navigate the chaos of daily life. 


Join Sara Willerson, LCSW and the virtual presence of this healing herd for a FREE hour of experiential tools and a re-balancing practice to take home. Through discussion, guided meditation, video and art, you will experience the transformational healing power of the horse, right in the middle of the city.