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Meet Megan Flynn, Instructor

I thought I had my whole life planned out.

I always excelled in school and it kept me grounded throughout life. I attended Florida Atlantic University and one of my professors inspired me to consider law school. In my mind, I was already there. I thought I would be happy in a corporate job and I wanted to make my family proud with a higher education. I believe knowledge is power and enjoyed the critical thinking studying law provoked. When a personal tragedy struck, it completely shifted my perspective on what is important in life and what my true calling is.

In 2009, my life changed forever when my mom passed away. The second time she had to battle breast cancer, she lost her life. We all thought she would beat it again because of her strength and perseverance. Instead, the doctor abruptly gave her two weeks to live. This shook my whole world since I thought she was getting better.


In times of great stress, one of my best sources of healing has become my yoga practice. The practice has always provided clarity while also also causing me to re-think my strategies on achieving peace of mind. I had to piece my life back together and keep moving forward.

This caused my focus on external success to shift to internal success.

In 2013, I began my yoga teacher training while working full time in the legal profession. This allowed me to dedicate my weekends to yoga. It brought balance into my life and delivered a new found peace that was within my control. Little did I know, it came at the perfect time to help prepare me for my most important job yet, to be a mother.

Two months after teacher training, I found out I was pregnant. This amazing practice provided acceptance in the time I thought I would be preparing for law school. My new family life brought great happiness and a new extreme sense of purpose. It helped me embrace a new "Go with the flow" attitude instead of my former rigid ideas of how life should be. It was a much needed break from the fast pace.

Meditation became a new focus in my journey into yoga's deeper practices. With the demands of motherhood, I looked for outlets to maintain tranquility and mental clarity. The benefits were obvious from the start so I began meditating daily to help me stay focused and clear on what I really wanted out of life.

Through this consistent meditation practice, I was introduced to Energy Healing in 2014. At first, I did not understand it but as my perspective changed what was possible, I really began to fall in love with this healing modality. I began to study Energy Medicine to learn about the body and our energy fields. In 2017, I studied Reiki and completed a 21-day self healing. It really helped ease my anxiety and express my creativity. As I completed Reiki level 2, I began sharing this gift of healing with family, friends, pets and anyone else. It was an amazing journey to begin taking private clients and helping them heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This created the confidence I needed in everything I’ve been learning. I learned that this healing modality can provide huge benefits for dealing with day to day stress as well as help for those who need deeper healing from trauma. This gift has helped me really enjoy life and see everyday as an opportunity.

I am passionate now about teaching life changing knowledge in a practical way. The connection I make with people is beyond words. I have learned to honor my own wisdom as well as the need to always be a student. The more I learn and heal myself, the more I can help others live to their full potential. Now I work to de-mystify these ancient and religiously neutral practices so people may experience a new sense of self and a new connection to the world around them.

Megan will be co-teaching this month's Sound Healing and Energy Balancing Class on Sunday August 11, at 4:45 pm. She will also be offering new workshops at Sacred Space which blend yoga/meditation along with energy healing and balancing. The first workshop will dive into a study of the chakras. Megan hopes to provide insight and offer the opportunity for clients to align the different energy centers in the body in order to feel better immediately as well as help people begin to understand and manage their energy better to bring balance to the body, mind and spirit.

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