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Shedding Excess Baggage

It seems like every time I go on a trip, the suitcase I come home with is much heavier than when my journey began.

I think in many ways, life is like that, too. We begin our human experience as precious, innocent, perfect beings, and as we go along, we collect limiting beliefs, fear, and pain like unwanted, misshapen, too-bulky-to-fit-in-the-overhead, souvenirs. Little by little, we take on water, the ship keeping our self-esteem and self-love afloat slowly sinking.

Eventually, hopefully, our bodies and lives speak to us with words too loud to ignore – the painful lower back; the migraines; autoimmune disease; chronic anxiety; sadness; isolation; regret; damaging, destructive relationships. And then, when we’re finally at our breaking point, we muster the courage to begin a journey back into the light – the journey back to ourselves. In what seems like a random event, we read something, or have a conversation with a friend, attend a class – and whatever we hear in that moment sparks something in us that we didn’t even realize was there. Hope.

What if we could truly release the pain of the past and the self-judgment that always seems to be with us? How might your life be changed by that? What cumbersome souvenirs have you collected that are no longer needed by you?

The work I do with the subconscious mind has taught me and thoroughly convinced me that at the root of every symptom and stressful situation in our lives is unprocessed emotion. The body always speaks the mind. It is our thoughts deep in the subconscious, and the emotions evoked by those thoughts, that play the biggest role in the body’s potential for true healing and thriving. We have so many tools for helping us bring up and out these emotions, where we can face them with the love that we are.

My life’s work is to do just that: to help people shift their fear-based patterns of thought by teaching about the incredible pure potential that lies within them. *If you would like to learn more and begin your journey into letting go of thoughts that are no longer serving you, you can join Leah Knippel and myself, Mary Alexander, for the first in a series of six Community Wellness Classes, beginning next Friday, August 24th at 7pm. This class will focus on utilizing some tools of self- care to release stress, anxiety and other painful emotions. You will be lead through a Restorative Yoga practice, receive instruction on establishing mindfulness practice in your daily routine as well as education on utilizing aromatherapy as a tool in navigating your emotions/moods. Door prizes and goody bags to be given out at the end so bring your friends. Class size is limited to 12. Sign up here for "Releasing Emotions" Community Wellness class.

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