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Two Spring Series begin Monday!

So as the bulbs that are resting in the earth wait for the rains and the warmth to begin to unfold their leaves and their best colors, so our hearts become the best version of themselves through listening and cultivation of a practice that deepens our roots and brings nourishment to our souls by attending to the inner voice of love within us. Join us in cultivating some beautiful habits of the soul, mind and body. There are a few spots left in the two Monday evening series which will begin this week. Our Yoga Foundations Series (taught by Stephen Bison) and the Monday Finding Your Joy Series (taught by Leah Knippel) are both a good way to continue your Yoga journey whether it is the beginning for you, or if you are wanting to deepen your practice. The beauty of these series is that they are both cumulative, instructive and teach you habits that will form the basis for living your best life. We would be so honored to join you on your journey this Spring.

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