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Meditation and Knowledge, Weekly Class

facilitated by the Frisco Meditation Club

Instructor, Dipanjan Das

Image by Ksenia Makagonova

These classes give instruction and a deep practice of meditation along with a transformative contemplation of the Vedic knowledge. The Vedas are ancient texts written around 1700 BC, and is where Yoga originated from. Yoga is often misunderstood as one off Asanas or physical postures. Yoga is much more than that, Yoga is a science that can take one step by step to a holistic transformation. Our commitment is to help transform the lives of people through Yoga and as such our classes are focused on your transformation. We encourage you to make a commitment for about 12-20 weeks so you can fully benefit from the deep knowledge and the practice of Meditation.


Meet Dipanjan Das, Founder of the Frisco Meditation Club


I started the Frisco Meditation Club as a meetup group in 2017. It is now 350 people strong and growing. 


For my day job I work as a Vice President in a consulting firm, I am a Chemical Engineer by education and my work keeps me super busy. I experienced a low point in life in 2011 when I felt as if I had everything but had nothing.   I felt very "unfulfilled" ALL THE TIME and would chase every single thing for a little bit of happiness - from a cigarette to a good meal to anything and everything. And yet all of these left me wanting for more. The change came when I met my teacher, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and began learning the art of Meditation.  No one had ever taught me how to look at myself in truth, to examine my own mind and emotions till I met Sri Sri. Meditation became a journey inwards.  The first benefit was a feeling of deep rest, and as I continued I began to understand with clarity the science of the inner world. My life started changing, I became more sensitive yet strong, more vibrant yet rested, more curious yet peaceful. I was hungry for more - so continued studying non-duality, ZEN, Advaitha, and many other forms of Meditation. Although far from being "enlightened" I am at a place where I feel I can help others on this path. In 2017 I become a certified Meditation Teacher.  My passion is to help others who find themselves disenchanted with their lives to find a more peaceful and happy existence.

In my family life, I am married to a wonderful woman who is supportive of me in both my day job and in my passion for sharing meditation for others.  Without her support, I would not be able to effectively change lives. I have one12 year old daughter in middle school who keeps me humble and is already telling me she knows more than I do.  

I look forward to sharing my knowledge of Meditation with you and leading you in the practice of this life-changing discipline.

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