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Pilgrimage from Perfection to Perfectly Wild

I felt lost, hopeless, frustrated, angry, bitter, and exhausted. For years I had put everyone else’s needs before my own. I was taught to do what is expected without being difficult or asking for too much. I was taught that a woman, (especially a Southern woman) has it all together and gets it all done by herself perfectly without complaints. And thanks to the Martha Stewarts of the world, I actually believed this and tried to follow suit.

So I became the top student, got the best job, and created the perfect home while being a perfect wife, mother and dinner party hostess (you know the kind that would make Martha proud). I wanted everything to be organized, pretty, structured, and predictable. I wanted to please people and to be recognized for my efforts. This all worked out great for a while… two college degrees, marriage, second career as a chef and cooking teacher, 2 kids, nice house, and living it up in Southern California.

Everything was "great" until the pressure I created on myself to be perfect and pleasing became too much. After the birth of my second son, postpartum depression slammed me against a wall and wiped me out.

I was struggling but too afraid and ashamed to ask for help. The pressure of raising two small boys while my husband pursued his career dreams, as well as the pressure to maintain a toned Southern California body compounded and amplified it all. I was either raging with anger, crying hysterically, or just numbing myself out with more wine. I became allergic to almost everything as my body started rejecting everything. I was falling apart emotionally and physically.

I finally dragged myself to a holistic nutritionist to find answers. She helped me clean up my diet and my life. I dove deep into energy work and alternative ways to heal my body, mind, and spirit. Yet somehow through all the well intentioned self-help, my controlling perfection monster crept back in. This time the need to please came in the form of control over food and exercise. I thought the perfect body and diet would once again bring about the perfect life.

And so the pattern continued: my health, marriage, and friendships suffered until I was completely broken, depressed, anxious and filled with such deep self-loathing that I really wanted to walk away from them all.

And then a spark was ignited.

We moved to Seattle in my late 30’s where I met an amazing intuitive healer. I joined her year-long healing group where my mind was blown wide open as well as my creativity. I began painting, writing and exploring the Intuitive and Expressive Arts.

I recalled what I used to feel as a child/teenager when I would draw or write: freedom, joy, passion, empowerment. I felt ALIVE! My appetite for painting became insatiable and as I began to commit to my creative practice again, my life began to shift. I started to feel excited, proud of myself, and began to share my insights with friends. I started asking for what I wanted and needed. I slowly began to find a way back to myself.

It would take the next 10 years of deep inner work and training in holistic nutrition, flower essences, essential oils, reiki, intuitive healing, and finally a year-long expressive arts training with Chris Zydel to bring me to a healthier present moment. Currently (through expressive arts) I have learned to care and deeply nourish myself, appreciate and accept all the imperfectly perfect parts of myself , and open my heart to my desires and dreams again. I have gained the confidence and courage to just be myself and to truly love who I am.

It was through one of my intuitive paintings that the vision and name for "The Wild Woman Playhouse" was born. I had quite an inner struggle calling my business and myself a "Wild Woman". I resisted it, ignored it, and tried to come up with something more subtle and pleasing (its so hard to break that habit). This name was too BOLD, there were too many implications in calling myself a "Wild Woman". However, the name, images, and ideas for classes kept showing up in my intuitive paintings until I had no choice but to take a leap despite my raging inner critic.

So here I am, standing before you courageously announcing that I am a WILD WOMAN, a multi-passionate entrepreneur, a renaissance woman, a mixed media artist, a teacher, an empowerment coach, and the proud Owner and Creative Visionary of The Wild Woman Expressive Arts Playhouse.

I am bursting with excitement to share the magic and power of expressive arts with women just like you:

Women who find themselves at the mid-point in life

Women whose hearts are aching to do something more

Women who are just tired of putting themselves and their needs last

Women who have been told they are too intense, too sensitive, too loud, too opinionated, too much

Women who have BIG dreams and desires

Women who want to remember and reclaim their creativity, passion, and joy

These are the Wild Women. You are that Wild Woman! Do you hear her call? She is begging you to give her the time, space, support, and freedom to emerge. She has things to tell you and share with you! She desperately wants to create and express herself.

Won’t you come explore, create, and play with us?

I look forward to guiding you in your own pilgrimage to rediscover yourself.

With Love,

Leslie Typrin


Come to the Playhouse to …

  • Ignite your creativity

  • Nourish your body and spirit

  • Experience more power, freedom, and joy

  • Celebrate with other wild women

We will move and groove so you can find your own rhythm and flow; play and create with wild abandon so you can experience more freedom/joy in your body; and deep dive into your inner world of intuition, curiosity, and creativity to unlock your full self-expression! In this 2-hr richly experiential class we will explore the magic and deep play of the Expressive Arts for self-discovery, nourishment, and transformation. You will enter a loving, compassionate, judgment free space with abundant art supplies to unwind and GET YOUR GROOVE BACK! Expressive Arts is the practice of using imagery, storytelling, dance, sound, drama, poetry, and the visual arts (i.e. painting, collage, mask making) for your healing and empowerment. Each class is unique and designed for you to experience self-acceptance and confidence in your body and trust its innate wisdom; clarity for what you want and need in your life and relationships, and the support to be courageous in your authentic full expression.

All supplies included. 12hr advanced registration required.

Leslie Typrin, Owner,

Wild Woman Expressive Arts Playhouse

Contact Info: 310-908-6580


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