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Creating Art as a Sacred Act of Nourishment

I remember years ago when I was struggling with what to “do” with myself because I was bored with where I was in my life - a friend asked me a very simple yet profound question

“What do you want?”

I stopped in my tracks and just stared blankly at her…. I should easily be able to answer this, yet I was stumped. I didn’t know what I wanted. I didn’t know who I was outside of being a Mom and a wife. I was confused and felt disconnected from myself. I was so used to having a full list of things to get done (that were usually for everyone else) that I rarely had time for myself. Looking back now I see it was much of my own doing because I could have put my self-care at the top of the list but chose not to, and instead I waited on everyone else obsessively. Out of a sense of obligation and guilt I put everyone else’s well-being before my own, and I slowly lost myself and what I wanted and needed in the process. I morphed into what everyone else needed me to be. I was starving and depleted in every way. But I was curious to explore and learn what I wanted and needed to feel fulfilled and satisfied with myself and my life.

So I began a process of self-inquiry through creative prompts to see if I could unearth what “I” wanted. Using collage, journaling, intuitive painting, and doll making I started asking myself what would make me happy? What did I need more of? What did I need less of? What did I want to change? How was I feeling in my body? What was my soul hungry to express? What was I deeply desiring to create in my life? Each day I asked myself these questions and listened for the answers to come.

Slowly my needs and desires began to be revealed to me through my art. This is one of the magical qualities of the expressive arts – its steeped in richness of method for learning more about yourself on a soul level. It’s not about producing a pretty piece of art (although you may be surprised at the amazing art you create), it’s about the process of being quiet, open, and curious as you begin to explore your inner world in a new way.

I like to call this creating art as a sacred act of nourishment for your soul.

Its about showing up for yourself just as you would a sick child or a friend in need – with presence, love, acceptance, and compassion. It’s about showing up with curiosity and beginning an inner dialogue with your soul. It’s about developing a loving and trusting relationship with your own inner compass and creative muse. She will always guide you towards your truth. And if you listen closely you may just discover what you truly need to not only nourish yourself but also what your soul needs to flourish, grow, and thrive.

- Leslie Typrin

Join Leslie for:

Collage for the Hungry Soul – an inquiry into what you need to be nourished

Is there something deep down in your soul that you are Hungry for? Do you know what you need to feel nourished in your body, relationships, job, and life? If you are curious and open to explore what this means then please join us for an afternoon of Collage for the Hungry Soul.

We will be diving into what you need more of in your life to feel truly nourished, to feel joyous, to feel alive again! Using simple writing prompts, questions to stoke your creative fire, and an abundance of collage materials you will explore and journey into the heart of what you need to THRIVE. This creative process is a tool you can use in your everyday life and when you walk away from our time together you will not only have your own collage card but also a method for continuing this work on your own.

No need to worry if you don’t think you are an “artist”– this is about you showing up with an open heart and open mind to play in the creative musings of your heart! There is no right or wrong way to create in The Wild Woman Playhouse….

There is only your way.

Classes are $35 for 2.5hrs and all materials are included, join me for 1 or 2 sessions! Sept. 27th 9:30am-12pm Sept 27th 12:30pm-3pm

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