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The Brain on Trauma

I recently received this really informative graphic from The National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine about how the brain adapts to trauma. I love this graphic because it shows us from the standpoint of science that it is never a victim's "fault" how their bodies react to trauma. I have a real interest in the subject of trauma and trauma recovery having walked this road myself as well as walking beside others in the healing of their own trauma. In fact, at Sacred Space we often build classes and events that can help bring about trauma recovery even if they are not specifically called that (such as our Restorative Yoga classes, Yin Yoga or Meditation classes). We also host the Connection Coalition's Trauma Informed Yoga Training, two to three times a year, which is a three day training for counselors, educators, yoga instructors or anyone else interested in using Yoga as a modality to aide in the healing of trauma. Our next training is coming up November 15-17 and feedback from past trainings has been remarkable. Trainees are feeling both empowered in their own recovery process as well as being given the tools to walk with others in their healing. We hope you will join us for this next training especially if you work with those who have endured trauma.

--Leah Knippel

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