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Yoga Therapy, a Holistic Approach to Self-Healing

Yoga therapy is a phrase that is showing up more in more in the western medical conversation, and that is a good thing. Though its roots are deep in the east, this approach to healing that zooms out and looks at the whole person (physical body, breath, emotions, spirituality) is gaining ground in the rest of the world. Western medicine - brilliant, life-saving, and cutting edge at its best - can also be myopic in its focus on where the pain is (which is usually not where the problem is), and treating symptoms. Yoga therapy looks at all dimensions of an individual that may be creating or contributing to symptoms. Yoga therapy burst into national awareness with the publication of Dr Dean Ornish's study on the effects of lifestyle intervention on heart disease in the late 1980's. Many more studies have followed...the medical research behind yoga therapy for all kinds of conditions continues to accumulate, and with it a seat at the table with more traditional approaches to healing here in the west - medicine, chiropractics, physical therapy, talk therapy. Yoga therapy doesn't seek to replace these modalities, but rather to compliment them by zooming out and taking the whole of the individual into consideration: the physical body, the breath, the mind, the emotions, spirituality, lifestyle factors, relationships.

If you'd like to know more, or are interested in yoga therapy for yourself or someone you know, I'm offering a fall package of 3 sessions for $199 - a savings of $50 off the a la carte price. And as always, initial phone/email consultations are free.

Bring your focus back to self-care this fall, and feel empowered to bring balance back into your life and your body.

I look forward to serving you at Sacred Space.

-Nancy Lozano, certified Yoga Therapist


Nancy Lozano, RYT 500, Certified Yoga Therapist

My first exposure to yoga was in 2000, when a friend gave me a VHS tape of a yoga practice to try out at home. I never had a strong pull to the gym or a particular sport, but something shifted in me when I did yoga for the first time – even though it was a few simple poses. It swallowed me whole. I began my practice in Pittsburgh at Three Rivers Yoga, studied with Donna Dyer at Yoga H’om to learn how to teach, and obtained my 200hr certification – and 18 years later, a cross country move, a husband and children…yoga is still an integral part of my life. I completed my 500hr training in 2017, and recently became certified in Yoga Therapy – a healing modality that views the individual as a whole, rather than many parts that are considered separately. I am excited to be on this journey and to share this practice. I will always be a student – I believe the learning never ends, and that teachers have an obligation to continually deepen their knowledge. Like all healing models, yoga is constantly evolving and it's imperative to evolve with it.

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