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Studio Subscriptions are Quickly Filling

I never dreamed that opening up my studio to people with visions for their own transformational businesses would be so readily received. One question I keep being asked is,

"How many of these subscriptions will be offered?"

I have decided in the launching phase to keep it to 10 people until we are working like a well-oiled machine and then possibly open it up for more people to build their businesses here. This means these first subscriptions will probably be gone fairly quickly in time for instructors and other wellness professionals to start launching their fall offerings in August. I already have 10-15 people now seriously considering joining and have already signed on a handful of instructors for the subscription. I am excited to see what they roll out for fall classes at Sacred Space. So if you have been curious, here are some details:

Get 5 hours of Studio time each month for $150

This 6 month contract for renting the entire studio is 50% off regular pricing on your reservations which includes 5 hours in the studio to use how you want in one hour increments. No other arrangement allows you to book studio time in one hour slots. To schedule per class without a subscription, the regular fee is $60 for each 1.5 hour class increment.

Scheduling of hours can be easily done through our online scheduling.

What is included?

Once your classes are scheduled you will have access to a keyless entry code, and full access to the studio, the lounge/restroom/kitchenette area with access to tea and coffee as well as all the yoga equipment in the studio including a Bose Bluetooth sound system, diffuser with essential oils, towels, mats, bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks and if needed audio-visual equipment as well as 6 foot tables and chairs for up to 20 people.

Market to your own groups through your own channels, charge what you want and keep the net profits.

I am scheduling afternoon appointments in the studio this week and next to interview possible subscribers and to give them a tour of the studio. Contact me if you would like to book an appointment.

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