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Sacred Space Journeys coming in 2020

I am beyond excited to launch something which has been a dream of mine for many years now. Many of you know I spent a large chunk of time in Thailand, that I speak Thai and that I consider it my second home. I am truly passionate about Thailand, Thai food, Thai culture, and Thai people. Another passion brought through my daughter, Wren, has been the plight of the endangered Asian Elephant. She has held it in her heart space for several years now that one day she will visit and volunteer at an elephant rescue center. Last year I was able to visit one such award winning elephant rescue and conservation center near Chiang Mai, Thailand and had the privilege of interacting with these beautiful beings. My news for you today is that I along with yoga instructor Dr. Jodi Ashbrook (who has also volunteered at this same center called the Elephant Nature Park) will be leading a yoga retreat to Thailand in July of 2020. Our intention is to create a very connected experience between our life journeys and the plight, healing and transformation of the Asian Elephant. Touching, serving and sharing your energy with these intelligent beings is such a life changing experience that we want you to experience. Click here to visit our newly launched retreat website to learn more.

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