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Beginning Yoga Series starts tomorrow

Hey Community,

Tomorrow, April 16 begins an 8 part series (Tues/Thurs at 9:30 am for 4 weeks) for beginning yogis or those who need a refresher to get their practice going again. Jump start your practice this Spring by clicking the link and learn more about the Yoga 101 Series. Robyn Wilkinson is a new instructor here with a whole lifetime of experience as a nurse in the medical field. Come experience her beautiful and safely guided practice.

Meet Robyn

I'm Robyn and I am a Registered Nurse and yoga instructor. I have a passion for teaching others self-care to aid in their own journey of health and healing. After years of my own on again off again self-care, I came to the realization that eastern and western science work together beautifully to restore balance in our body, mind and spirit. My 20 years of experience in healthcare coupled with a dedication to help others has led me to teach yoga and lead yoga wellness retreats. I have practiced yoga for many years but not until I studied yoga to become a teacher, did I truly understand the myriad of benefits yoga has to offer. I cannot bend myself into a pretzel or defy gravity, but I can practice self-acceptance on and off the mat. My desire is to learn, practice and teach yoga for my own lifelong health and wellness and to share this knowledge with others so they may learn and heal in whatever way they need to. I find teaching beginner yoga very fulfilling because I get to witness people learn, grow and discover the many benefits of yoga. Yoga is the practice of uniting the body, mind and heart through postures, breathing and meditation. There are many types of yoga and all have benefits. The most commonly practiced style of yoga in the Western world is Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga incorporates postures, breathing and meditation. It is a great compliment to other types of exercising as well, such as running, biking, weight lifting and more. Many studies show that yoga can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, improve overall physical fitness and quality of life and relieve chronic pain. The best part is that yoga is inclusive of all fitness levels despite what you might see on Instagram! Yoga is a lifelong practice that you can do anywhere and anytime. Yoga allows you to be mindful and active at the same time and helps to clear the stress hormones out of the body, restoring balance to the nervous system. Have you always wanted to try doing yoga but felt too intimidated? Or maybe you have tried a few classes and now you want to learn more. Yoga is a fun practice that has a wide range of benefits. A beginner yoga series is a great way to learn yoga in a safe and fun environment. In the beginner yoga class, I will explain frequently used words, discuss the basics of yoga poses, and guide you on how to utilize props such as foam blocks, blankets, straps and bolsters to support you. These props are beneficial for everyone from beginners to advanced, so even if you already practice yoga, this class can be helpful! Each week you will receive a handout with information covering what we are working on. At the end of this Beginner Yoga series you will have the knowledge and tools to continue to grow in your practice. My hope is to make yoga accessible for every body. Come see why people love yoga! --Robyn

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