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Join us for monthly wellness this Friday

This Friday, October 12 from 7-9 pm join us for our monthly community wellness event that will give you some tools for dealing with the sometimes difficult emotions that occur through the upcoming holiday season. This month we will focus on ushering in the transformative power of forgiving ourselves and forgiving others. This class consists of a Restorative Yoga class with integrated aromatherapy and wellness education. You will be lead through a Restorative Yoga practice including Thai massage adjustments, receive instruction on establishing mindfulness practice in your daily routine as well as education on utilizing aromatherapy as a tool in navigating your inner world as well as in relation to others. We will be specifically highlighting the oil blend called "Forgiveness" and sharing research on self-compassion and self-care from Kristin Neff as well as exploring themes in forgiving those closest to us. We feel this will be a deeply transformative time for you. Discounted class fee is $30 (this 2 hour class is a $40 value).

Click here to sign up for this experience.

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