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I (Leah) have noticed living here in Frisco almost 10 years that in this greater Metroplex area I have had times of feeling isolated even being super connected through social media and even through church, school and other community groups. For some reason it feels as if conversations that challenge and inspire me are few and far between because our heads are perhaps quite buried in the everyday challenges of such a fast paced life and endless commitments and activities. And there have been other times that my relationships with the women around me have made an absolute difference in my life through their support, love and prayers. I am so thankful for these women who saw me drowning and came to the rescue.

Lately I have also yearned for some women of age and wisdom in my life that I can look up to who have been there, lived to tell the tale and will guide me and tell me it is all going to be ok as I begin to face challenges I have never encountered. And then Debo Ricci walks into my studio. It is so refreshing to meet a kindred soul who has the years and wisdom to help guide me as a mother of small children with faith and light and love. My mother lives far away and I have sometimes needed the support of the village in this burden and blessing of motherhood. I am super excited to be hosting Debo as she exudes a positivity that is contagious and shares her wisdom as a mother and grandmother and fellow traveler on this journey of finding the best version of ourselves within. Here are a few words from Debo about her journey so far:


A journey begun again…

During my many years as the proprietress of a sweet little resale shop in the Greater Boston area, I kept seeing a similar pattern coming from my female patrons…They were in great need of connection…a true sharing of real life and searching for something that made sense and would possibly help them to find a new way of looking at their lives…a fresh start, perhaps. That’s when I recognized the need and took action to help women empower themselves.

Fast forward almost 10 years after closing my shop, I have passionately continued my Mission for helping women thrive inside of their already spinning worlds. I wanted to validate what they were going through and at the same time, encourage them to slow down long enough to visualize a different path…one that just might help them make simple changes for the better.

We are all on our way to what we deem important…which of course, can shift from day to day…but what we really need is to clearly see where our focus lies and define our goals in a more authentic way. And…this is why I do what I do…help women recognize what isn’t working, assist them in taking the appropriate action, and ultimately create a sense of empowerment that will help them find their hearts.

Join Debo Ricci's Women "Like" Us Empowerment Coaching series. Click here to learn more

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