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I finally found Up, Inspired Kitchen

I just had the pleasure of finally trying Up Inspired Kitchen in Frisco. I am so grateful when I find like-minded transformation-oriented businesses in our area. I also really appreciate original business ideas with a lot of heart thrown in the mix. As I walked in the door and noticed all the details from the decor to the gratitude board on the back wall, I completely resonated with the place. The food was amazing, just whole food goodness (with to die for coffee/espresso drinks as well). Then I got the pleasure of meeting the owner , Mike, who explained the vision and mission of he and his wife:

"We imagined a concept that people loved, could afford and that would allow other restaurant professionals a chance to grow their careers AND invest in their families. In addition to creating a growth opportunity for family people that love the business, we also desired to create a breakfast and lunch concept that was BETTER for you. A place you could enjoy awesome flavors, but feel awesome after you ate too!"

I love businesses that have a double bottom line. In my former career in non-profit work we called this "social entrepreneurship," when a business is not only concerned with turning a profit, but with making a difference in the lives of its employees and the surrounding community. I would highly recommend this like-minded family run business located in the Shops of Starwood (near True Fire). Try the brown latte (cinnamon goodness meets brown sugar and espresso). Your welcome :-)

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