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The Uninstall Workshop #Iam1busybuffalo

What if your mind was like a computer …

If your mind was like a computer your conscious mind would best represent the keyboard and monitor with data to be inputted on the keyboard and results thrown up on the monitor.

In this analogy, your subconscious would be like the RAM in your computer. For those who are not in the know with computers, RAM Random Access Memory is where programs and data that are currently in use are kept so they can easily be reached quickly by the computer processor. RAM is much faster than other types of memory, such as a hard drive or Optical drive aka CD or DVD disk.

Our subconscious works much in the same way. Recent Accessed Memories are stored there for a quick recall like your telephone number is or someone's name.

Our internal RAM also holds your current programs that you run every day, like your:

* Current recurring thoughts * Behavior patterns& habits * Feelings

Your unconscious mind is like the hard drive in your computer. This long term storage is the place for all your memories and programs that have been installed since birth.

The unconscious mind is the work desk of your mind. Has your hard drive become cluttered and in need of defragmenting? Controlling and directing it is the key to personal change.

​​​​It’s time to Uninstall.

Let go and free up your resources to focus on what’s important.

Join us June 4th, June 11th and 18th at 5:30pm

for 3 one and a half hour Yin excursions.

The art of listening is crucial to calming the mind. In these one and a half hour Yin Yoga sessions we will consider pranayama as the refinement of our capacities for listening. This involves the suspension of our concepts and the opening of our sensory fields. Through this opening, a contemplative meditation practice begins.

Join us on Monday

June 4th, June 11th and 18th at 5:30pm

Class size will be limited to 10 ppl. to maximize attention for optimal therapeutic effect.

$69 FOR 3-WEEKS or $25.00

per session based on availability

Loving Kindness Meditation —boost the ability to empathize with others; development of positive emotions through compassion, including a more loving attitude towards oneself; increased self-acceptance; and purpose in life.

Concentrative Meditation—Cultivate a single-pointed attention on some object, such as a sound, an image, the breath, or a flame. Through the training of consistently returning to the object of focus, the mind develops the capacity to remain calm, stabilized, and grounded.

Let go and free up your resources to focus on what’s important. Join me

Space is limited for this exclusive event.

Reserve your seat now.

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