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Abundance? Scarcity? Life with ASTEYA


A Biology professor stood in front of class, held up a tomato and asked; "How many seeds are in his Tomato?"

Students worked in groups and deliberated many moments on how to determine a answer.

The professor finally answered, “There are enough”.

Enough to save to plant next year, and enough to give to friends, family and neighbors

In this short span of time the professor taught “the theory of abundance” and left the class with an eye opening question:

"Who benefits from seedless fruits and vegetables?”

The answer: The person who has the seeds. The reality is that in an abundant community we have the seeds.

We are raised from infancy to be honest and not steal or cheat. Greed is still a part of our “inner landscape”.

It takes awareness and a dedicated yoga practice upon our “inner landscape” to see all the places where the greed manifests

Consider practicing Asteya by ceasing to look outside of yourself for things or people or situations to bring you happiness. Instead try and cultivate a sense of what lies within. Through gratitude and contentment one finds inner peace.


  • Do you quickly do a task for children because they are taking too long stealing their opportunity for learning and growth?

  • Do you take more food in the buffet line than you can eat? Are you present for your career while you are there?

Did you feel the sting of one of these questions?

Asteya is a Sanskrit word that means “non-stealing,” but its' not just for physical possessions.Consider practicing Asteya by ceasing to look outside of yourself for things or people or situations to bring you happiness.

Going through life with a lack of abundance leads us crave more, to fill a void and thirst for more and more... no matter what we get! Imagine pouring water into a glass with holes in it. No matter how much water we pour in, the glass stays empty. We are like that glass. The holes in us, caused by some deep loss or unfulfilled desire, can leave us lacking, feeling insecure, jealous, or resentful of others. Then out of this thirst we attempt to plug these holes with things that get our attention, or cling to other people out of fear; we suffer, ultimately stealing from our potential to be the best we can be. We might get that possession, job, house, partner or body we long for but we will still not be happy or satisfied...

So the cycle repeats over again and again. There is no magical item that will make us "happy”!

How do you justify your greed?

When we see our EGO as separate from others. we have a tendency as humans to attach and identify with success, money and material belongings.

EGO —E.G.O. is just another word for aging God out. If we are abundant, then we know, what we really need, we can ask ourselves, why we have this need at all. Perhaps we can learn to see, that we will ALWAYS have exactly what we need in every moment.

The most nourishing drink for our mind is being present. Turn off all those parts of your head that generate questions and probe the accepted. Life all boils down to this moment. This is it! there's nothing else. It is your decision to enjoy life or be miserable. Connect with your inner circle, and take the time to identify how you connect with something greater than yourself, Then prepare for the power you will wield when you tap into that intention.ॐ



Like so many others in the West, I began to practice yoga for its health and fitness benefits, and the deeper practice followed naturally. I doubt if it would have happened for me any other way; had someone tried to push “Eastern” thinking on me, I would have recoiled. It was a slow, internal process, a growing awareness, the cumulative effects of regular asana practice that awakened my interest in spirituality.

—Stephen BIson ERYT500

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