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The Truth Will Set You Free, but First Expect to be Miserable.


The Truth Will Set You Free, but First Expect to be Miserable.

Are you truly humble?

Humility is grounded in Satya. Look at humble persons... There are millions who think that they are very humble. They bow down very low but watch them. Are they there without ego. If you say, "I am humble," and look around for people to appreciate you.

What is ego?

EGO is a hierarchy that says, "No one is like me." EGO can feed on humbleness "Nobody is like me, I am the most humble person". The realization that your life is not all based on truth, is going to show more than your own beliefs. It will show you how deep your illusion (EGO) has rooted.

How hard are you clinging to the knowledge of your truth?

Your reality is based on this same knowledge. Many universities have this statement emblazoned on a sign near the entrance of buildings. “the truth will set you free".

That's a tall order. So, just how do you find your TRUTH.

Here is my short list. 1. Be present. 2. Listen for your truth. 3. Communicate from your whole self. 4. Free yourself from things that do not resonate joy and enthusiasm.

Satya means to 'BE' in harmony with the ultimate truth. In this state, we cannot lie or act untruthful, because we are unified with pure truth itself.

Remember Ahisma? It is the first of the Yamas.

In the book, “The Heart of Yoga, Developing a Personal Practice”, T.K.V. Desikachar attempts to dive into this topic a little deeper. He speaks of the need to decide whether or not the truth if shared, could cause harm to another. If so this would violate the first Yama of Ahimsa, or non-harming then it should not be shared.

When dishonesty comes from within, your life doesn't reflect the truth of who is. It's a painful place to be.

When we speak with intention, We have a better chance of not harming others. "Ahisma"

Another aspect of discovering our truth in yoga and our daily walk has to do with our inner truth or integrity, which is a deeper and more internal practice. Honesty is what we do when others are around and might judge our actions or words, but integrity is to act in an honest manner when others are not around and will never know about our actions.

Emphasis on the 8 fold path of yoga or the 8 limbs can help.

When we practice on the mat (Asana), we learn to slow down (Dharana), feel and experience the breath (Pranayama) and allow the mind to quiet along with sensations of the body (Pratyahara). We then move with reverence, grace, compassion, and acceptance from that place (Dhyana),

It's out of this EXPERIENCE that we are experiencing our inner truth (Satya) at that moment. By practicing this way on the mat and in our lives, we bring loving-kindness (Metta) into our world.

When speaking to your inner circle, slow down before opening your mouth.

Allow the thought to rise up inside of you for examination.If you can’t control your mouth, there’s no way you can hope to control your mind.” Filtering speech is so important in day-to-day practice.

When we watch our word, we avoid four types of harmful speech: 1. Lies (words spoken with the intent of misrepresenting the truth) 2. Antagonistic Speech (spoken with the intent of creating rifts between people); 3. Daggers (spoken with the intent of hurting another person’s feelings) 4. Meaningless Chatter (spoken with no purposeful intent at all).

Before we let it out into the world, Ask yourself, is it out of fear? Those words can be like daggers.

“The truth WILL set you free”. If you have the courage. What is your truth?

“The truth will set you free”, if you have the courage.What is your truth? Live it.

Speak it and be your truth. ॐ

—Namaste SB

Like so many others in the West, I began to practice yoga for its health and fitness benefits, and the deeper practice followed naturally. I doubt if it would have happened for me any other way; had someone tried to push “Eastern” thinking on me, I would have recoiled. It was a slow, internal process, a growing awareness, the cumulative effects of regular asana practice that awakened my interest in spirituality.

—Stephen BIson ERYT500


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