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To Infinity and Beyond

I've never been into numerology; however latley it seems as though there are instances of the number 8 showing up in regard to my Yoga practice and my Svadhyaya (self-study).

Computer programs often use loops: Pieces of code which are repeatedly executed to do operations on long lists etc

I talk about this frequently in my Yoga classes. Think of this infinite loop as a dashboard which measures 3 different variables. At tone end of this loop we are monitoring the fluctuations of the mind, at the center of this eight is our fluidity of breath is managed and the bottom we are using the 70% rule to navigate the waters of ease and or dis-ease of the body.

  1. Fluctuations of the mind —Yoga Sutras 1.2 – 1.3: “Yogas Chitta Vrtti Nirodah. Tada drastuhu svarupe avastanam". Wow! Thats a mouth full. Translation – Complete mastery over the modifications of the mind is called yoga. Then the seer becomes established in its true nature.” (Translation of Yoga Sutras of Patanjali).

  2. Fluidity of the Breath—Why Fluidity? Fluidity suggests ease and softens the edges of movement. It is kinder to your joints and increases body awareness. A rhythmic practice will calm your mind and transform your practice into a moving meditation. Though the end goal of yoga is not a physical pose, our asana practice serves as a vehicle for us to explore deep within ourselves.

  3. Ease and or disease of the Body —The term Dis-ease or lack of ease simply means lack of harmony within the body. It occurs when for any reason the Innate Intelligence of the body is not able to carry out its functions to its optimal capacity. There are several causes of Dis-ease in the human body. The most obvious would of course be a subluxation interfering with the transmission of mental impulses or commands by way of the nervous system.

With the figure 8 as measurement tool in Yoga we keep students from over-stretching, in a comfortable zone and avoiding injury. The goal in any Asana (yoga pose) is not to work hard or force a posture to get a big somatic release. The intention is simply to connect to your breath your body and your spine and witness whatever may arise no agenda simply presence. In this allowing you create a forum within yourself for tremendous healing.

This and more as we begin training in Yin yoga starting next month. If you have completed your 200 hour studies this might be right for you. CLICK THIS LINK TO FIND OUT MORE:

Download this PDF to discover other ways the number 8 applies to Yin Yoga

Click the figure 8 below for your DOWNLOAD.

Infinate Loop

Download this PDF to discover other ways the number 8 applies to Yin Yoga


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