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The Millennial in your Life Might Be Impressed

#UnityGetsReal #SacredSpaceFrisco

Over the course of this Spring/Summer we/I would like to use Facebook to journey through the Yamas using photography/pictures/drawings with the Hashtag #UnityGetsReal.

Did you know?

Sacred Space has created a Yoga Foundations workshop. The first of the these two 5 week sessions started this last Monday. Don't worry you can still get in on the fun.


A Foundation for Living: Moving Through Life with the Yamas is on Mondays @ 5:30 pm, the rest of this month and in to the 1st week of May.

I'll bring these 5 ethical principles to life through distinct yoga practices, his own life stories and reflections. He provides opportunities for self- reflection as he challenges us to apply yogic wisdom to our lives. Gaining the skills to choose attitude, thought, and action, may be the greatest adventure you can take.

Here's some ground rules

  1. First of all any one can join the idea is to share and learn.

  2. Over the next couple of weeks we/I will be posting an image showcasing an interpretation of each Yama & Niyama and follow that up with some thoughts on this blog and Facebook at

  3. Post an image with your interpretation with the hashttag #unitygetsreal and you will be entered to win one of 5 week The Foundation Yoga Series trainings valued at $90.00

LETS take the focus away from the physical into the roots of the practice.

It's easy to get "stuck" focusing on the physical side of yoga; in sanskrit we call that asana. You know the gravity defying poses inundating the yoga blog 'O' sphere through lots of intimidating "yoga selfies"...

So, no yoga selfies.

Real yoga folks!

SO I will get things started.


Just like this image below taken from a google search I will be posting on the Sacred Space facebook page@

ahimsa pratisthayam tat vaira-tyaga

Our ego our biggest enemy. Yes Ahisma means not harming others, but more importantly ourselves.

Ahimsa (अहिंसा) is translated as "non-harming" or "not to injure". Sutra 2.35:

This word loosely translates as "firmly establishing nonviolence ceases hostility". This is where the idea of vegetarianism is rooted; however there is more to Ahimsa then food choices and sources and that's where I wish to delve deeper. Ahimsa means making choices every single day to not cause harm in our actions; in our words, and in our thoughts.

Are you repeatedly holding space for the ugliness or allowing blatantly abusive words and/or behavior to seep down deep causing a cycle of dysfunction?

At the end of the day, we have a choice to walk away and let go. It's not your battle. We are free to make conscious choices and to care for ourselves instead of wasting time or energy. We are on our own paths in this life learning & growing. If it is not your dharma (path) and it's not in your control - it never was.

What is in your control is how you react in thought word or deed. It is possible to shift our vantage point from judgment to kindness and compassion.

Ahimsa baby!


Like so many others in the West, I began to practice yoga for its health and fitness benefits, and the deeper practice followed naturally. I doubt if it would have happened for me any other way; had someone tried to push “Eastern” thinking on me, I would have recoiled. It was a slow, internal process, a growing awareness, the cumulative effects of regular asana practice that awakened my interest in spirituality. —Stephen BIson ERYT500


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