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The Story of Sacred Space

There are a lot of new faces at the studio these days and I don't always get the chance to meet each one of you, but it is my heart to know you, hear your story and be part of your journey. As for my story, I thought it might be good to share with over 600 of you who have come in and out of these humble doors, the story of this studio and why we even exist. Our stories are so important, they tell where we have been, why we are on this road, and what we are looking for ahead to keep us focused on the dreams we are called to live out.

My journey with yoga began many years ago as I found myself in need of a practice that kept me grounded, centered and, to be honest, sane while living in a very dark place in the red light district of Bangkok, Thailand. Being called there as a Christian missionary, I worked with a faith-based organization called Rahab Ministries and saw more than I ever thought possible in the realm of human suffering and the evil forces behind it. To see women and children used and abused day after day wore on my heart, so to connect again with my heart, mind and body I practiced almost daily to keep me breathing and praying. My time on the mat was when God seemed to speak to me most as I was able to get quiet and listen. As my role in the fight against human trafficking grew and I began to travel all over Asia and into Africa to fight this international crime, my practice continued to grow in importance. In 2008 I moved back to the states in quite a broken place emotionally and even spiritually having witnessed so much suffering by the most innocent and having my own set of suffering and trauma to endure as well. Fast forward to 2013, after several years here in Frisco of growing and healing, I began to deepen my practice by becoming an instructor so that I could share this practice that had brought me back from the brink. I started teaching a Christ-focused yoga class at my church as my first teaching gig and soon my husband and I were led to purchase this property here in downtown Frisco to start my own studio. Since then it has been just pure joy to watch this studio grow and specialize and become a unique and safe place for people to transform, and make connections (to themselves, God, each other). As a statement of faith I would like to say we are open to all people of all faiths and welcome anyone here while also being rooted as owners in the gospel of Christ.

As the founder of Sacred Space, my deepest heart's desire is to be part of transforming lives here in Frisco and in all the world in significant ways. This little space has become an incubator of ideas and practices that encourage the mind, heart and body to change and grow. It is my greatest joy to see a client here make connections they have never made in these areas and find themselves walking directly towards their dreams and destinies birthed out of those salient moments of quiet that they find on their mats here. This is what keeps me up at night, what brings light to my eyes, to see people heal---becoming free and focused on what is most important to them. Thank you for being part of our community here. I look forward to hearing your story and to continue to become part of it.

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