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I love my instructors!

The kind of yoga instructors that seems to be attracted to the Sacred Space are some of the coolest people on earth. I am so blessed with Maureen who has been with us from pretty early on, as well as all those who have found the studio along the way since. Everyone who has been led to work here seems to be the type that fits our DNA so to speak--people interested in growth, inner transformation and living your best and most authentic life. Most recently, Miles Bunch made his way here via Uganda, Sri Lanka and India. He has been on a globe trotting adventure serving people through the Peace Corps, honing his skills as a yoga instructor and (if you have met him you will know what I mean) spreading lots of love and joy. I mean his email is "smilesbunch" if that tells you anything. As he applied to work here my favorite thing on his resume which I found interesting and kind of quirky was in the skills section he wrote, "high emotional intelligence," which in my opinion is the hallmark of a really skilled yoga instructor. I hope you will take advantage of our having Miles here until he is called away to another adventure. His Vinyasa class is a wonderful all-level exploration of the body and mind and he teaches it both skillfully and with an ability to read the room and adjust to whoever is present as well as the energy levels in the room. I hope you will give his class a try and enjoy his skilled, loving and sensitive approach to instruction. Join him this Wednesday and every Wednesday at 9:30 am for Vinyasa Yoga.

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