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Next 8 Week Joy Journey starts October 23

Our first section of the Restorative Yoga Series called "Finding Your Joy" which meets on Thursday nights has been an amazing time of connection, healing and growth for each one of us. Even as the facilitator, I feel like I have been doing some deep and healing work on myself alongside these wonderful women. The response to this class has been so great that I decided to add a second series that will meet on Mondays from 8-9:15 starting October 23. If you are in need of some soul time to explore your life's purpose in a supportive environment while developing some self care into your daily routine, this transformative series is for you. The description of the class follows below. Click here to sign up.

This 8 week series based on the book, The Joy Diet, by Martha Beck, will cover a set of tools, one new tool each week, that will help you develop greater joy in your life including developing a daily short meditation practice, cutting through to the truth about your life, getting in touch with your greatest desires/goals, infusing creativity into the process, taking risks, learning self-care, learning to play again, developing the fine art of laughter, building authentic connections with others, and finally feasting on the joy of life. Although reading the book in conjunction with the class could enhance your engagement with the information, it is not required to read in order to participate in the class.

Restorative or Yin Yoga is a very healing format that uses supine postures that do not engage the muscles so as to enable the deeper fascia and ligaments to stretch and become more supple. This is a great practice for all levels especially those who would like a gentler more meditative practice. This is also a great practice for those who do a lot of intense workouts helping keep the body healthy and injury free. This class is also great to build self-regulation and resiliency skills in managing stress and anxiety. The instructor incorporates Thai massage and yoga adjustments as needed and with permission from the students as part of helping ease students into the postures and encouraging greater body awareness and relaxation. 75 minute class.

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