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Last Free Sept Wellness Event this Friday

Click here to sign up for this Friday's Free Community Wellness Event. There are a few spots left but space is limited, so please sign up to attend. Please also cancel your reservation if you are unable to make it as most classes like this we have offered are waitlisted. This class consists of a Restorative Yoga class with integrated aromatherapy and wellness education. This month we are focusing on building HARMONY within as we reach out towards others. You will be lead through a Restorative Yoga practice, receive instruction on establishing mindfulness practice in your daily routine as well as education on utilizing aromatherapy as a tool in navigating your inner world as well as in relation to others. We will be specifically highlighting the oil blend called "Harmony" and sharing wisdom on how harmony within leads to a life in tune with others. This class is free but if you would like to make a donation, all proceeds this month will benefit victims of Hurricane Harvey through Samaritan's Purse. Door prizes and goody bags to be given out at the end so bring your friends.

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