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My sabbatical-vacation gifted me with unforgettable memories – touching a dolphin in Charleston’s Stono River, walks down Holumdersteig (Elderberry Hill), swimming with my granddog, and watching the two small birds I fed on the back porch become a flock of precision fliers coming in for the seed. It also gave me time for serious introspection. The books I’ve read, walks I’ve taken, yoga I’ve practiced, and meditation I’ve done have convinced me I had been spending too much time working and too few moments in quiet contemplation. Having the luxury of free time to examine my life until now and how I want it to be going forward led to my setting a challenging goal – discovering who I am. I have no timetable other than time itself and no one but myself asking the question. Like all of us, I have multiple answers – mother, grandmother, aunt, cousin, sister, teacher, and friend – but those words a