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Countdown to a Change of Horizon

Click here to sign up for Restorative Yoga with Thai Massage this Thursday 7-8 pm. As I shared with you last week, I will be going to Costa Rica soon with my three children. So the next 3 weeks are my last three classes with you before I leave you in the capable hands of my dear friend Karen Dixon. She will be filling in while I am away, and I am sure you will thoroughly enjoy her class. I will pick back up in July when I return.

I have to admit something. I haven't always liked living in Frisco, Texas. Though I am extremely grateful for this place, our home, my husband's job, my beautiful studio and our many friends here, it took a long time to adjust to this culture here. In the last few years I feel I have finally found "my tribe" and it has become a place where my whole family has bloomed but it wasn't always that way. I have a special place in my heart for people who struggle to find friendship and community in this city but I guess I have come to realize that it all comes down to being at peace with yourself before you can ever be at peace in a certain place. Now that I will have a change of horizon soon (at least for a short time), it is a welcome change, but I think it is all sweeter knowing that I don't have to change my horizon to find peace. Don't get me wrong, I get as annoyed as the rest of you in the crazy traffic, in the frenzy at Costco, in the endless stream of people in and out of my little downtown neighborhood hoping to land a table at the latest hip restaurant. I've been grounded basically for 6 years to this place, unable to go anywhere internationally due to having young children--but honestly, it has been really good for me. I think a few years ago leaving this place would be like a desperate escape and then when I returned it would have felt disappointing. Now, I feel that borders are more permeable and able to be crossed back and forth without a lot of heartache. I am at home in my heart, in my own skin, and home has become wherever my family resides.

I share this with you to help you remember the simple truth that being at home in your body, in your mind, in your current circumstances and fully present to those at home is the beginning of being at peace wherever you are called to be. I want to be done with striving to be somewhere else in life, I just want to be fully present and content right where I am--and I hope you can too. This week we will continue practicing being fully present on our mats (something rather simple but harder than you might think) which eventually translates to other parts of our lives as well.

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