Yoga and Elephants Retreat 

A Sacred Journey of Connection​

Chiang Mai, Thailand, Summer 2019

Journey led by

Leah Knippel, yoga instructor/owner Sacred Space

and Dr. Jodi Ashbrook, yoga instructor/wellness coach

Join us for a one of a kind journey of connection


Journey with us on a 10 day life changing experience in close contact with one of the most emotionally intelligent mammals on earth, the Asian elephant. 


Guided by the loving hearts and hands of Leah Knippel, Yoga Instructor/Spiritual Companion, and Dr. Jodi Ashbrook, Yoga Instructor/Wellness Coach. Your journey will begin in the in the ancient city of Chiang Mai wandering through its temples and markets while getting a taste of Thai food and culture with options to learn Thai Massage or receive a massage.  Our journey will continue as we explore the charming countryside of Northern Thailand while staying and volunteering at the award winning Elephant Nature Park.


You will be given the tools to relax, rejuvenate, refocus, and reach out to your truest self, your Source, and the fellow beings crossing your life path. Our intention is that this trip becomes a gateway towards possibilities  and a starting place for transformation.