Temple of Possibilities

Workshop, Sunday January 12, 2020

Pre-registration cost: $40

Instead of New Year’s Resolutions, let’s explore the POSSIBILITIES and create INTENTIONS at a workshop called the Temple of Possibilities


What is the workshop & why should I attend?

The holidays are in full swing with all the overindulgence that goes with them.


That overindulgence typically ends with creating a bunch of guilt-driven New Year’s resolutions that fall by the wayside in a few days


I’m offering an alternative - let’s consider the possibilities that the New Calendar offers!


My workshop will make space for the possible, creating the Temple of Possibilities 

We will think about what is possible instead of what is expected
Avoid reacting with Resolutions, instead
Proacting with intention!
Focus on the CAN instead of the SHOULD

If you are searching, let’s discover together

If you are at a crossroads, let’s consider the choices

If you are lucky enough to be on your Happy Path, let’s fine tune

Get to Know Cliff Collard 

My name is Cliff Collard

·      I facilitated a San Antonio-based online Mastermind group for 3 years that really helped everyone involved reach “the next level”

·      I have been a Yogi for about 15 years

·      I owned a total of 6 “brick and mortar” retail stores, running 4 of them at the same time

·      I work as a Consultant specializing in Solution Architecture and Process Engineering

·      I have decades of investing experience - including stocks, options, bonds, online businesses, real estate and cryptocurrencies

·      I have a business degree (BBA in Economics and Information Systems from Baylor)

·      My interests include philosophy, history, futurism, meditation and many other areas

·       My soul-purpose and vision is a World is of Sustainable Abundance


What is a MasterMind?

 the Want to go farther faster with your life and business? Then a MasterMind group is a great option.

A MasterMind is a small group of peers (10 people max) that come together for mutual support. The group is led by a coach/facilitator.  We meet twice a month to help each other set and keep goals. We become your “Board of Advisers”.  We act as a sounding board to help each other develop new ideas, figure out how to overcome obstacles and anticipate problems. The most important things we do is celebrate the victories together and hold each other accountable for the goals we set.

This is REQUIRED support nearly every leader from the kitchen startup to multinational CEO needs to reach the next level of success.  In fact, every successful entrepreneur I know is a member of a MasterMind. Most talk about how valuable it is – one guy even brags about how exclusive and expensive his MM group is!