The Universal Christ, Book Study

Experience community, growth, challenge, and the expansiveness of faith in a respectful dialogue as we

explore the book

The Universal Christ, by Father Richard Rohr

St.Francis of Assisi Catholic Community

Women's Book Study (FREE)

Study Meets 3rd Saturday of each month, Sept 2019 through April 2020

12:30 pm- 2 pm at Sacred Space Yoga Studio, 9281 4th Street, Frisco

facilitated by Norma Aguirre, Leah Knippel and other St. Francis women

Are your struggling with your faith?  Have you felt wounded or excluded by the message of Jesus or Christ as you have heard it from other Christians?  Have you loved Jesus, perhaps with great passion and protectiveness but have wanted to expand your understanding of how Christ extends to the limits of all we see, suffer and enjoy?  If you are any of these people, this group is for you.

We will be facilitating a shared experience in community as we examine the book, “A Universal Christ:  How a Forgotten reality can change everything we see, hope for and believe” by Father Richard Rohr.  We will have a book discussion, embodied contemplative prayer and meditation practice.  


This group will be an open, honest and humble discussion for people who want to explore the possibility that Christ is more than Jesus’ last name and that God embodied this Christ figure in a way that is so much bigger than everything we have been led to believe.


Through this 8 session experience our goal is to come to know Jesus the man, and Christ the mystery, the life principle that embodies everything.  We will discuss Richard Rohr’s assertion that Christ is another name for everything.  This is a journey from understanding Jesus the man to understanding the consciousness of Christ in all beings.  Our hope is that this book study may bring the scripture Colossians 3:11, "Christ is all and is in all”  into an embodied, relevant and practical daily experience.