Belly Dance Bash

with Christen Ackles

First Friday of each month 7-8:30 pm

Join us to learn the basics of belly dancing in a fun and judgment free space.  This is a great event for a girl's night out, date night, or simply a wonderful alternative to eating at over-priced restaurants or strip mall shopping on a Friday night.  $20 per person.


Through learning the foundational movements of this ancient art form such as isolations of hips, chest, stomach and arms, you will master the basics and combine them into beautiful works of choreography that not only enlivens the spirit but also builds strength and stamina in the body. Belly Dance is especially good for those who have had back or knee injuries as the isolation movements build core and back strength that help protect the spine, and the dance itself is low/no impact. All levels are welcome. Come dressed comfortably (yoga clothes are perfect). 

Let your inner child show up with joy through movement of the hips and torso.  Your husband will also thank you later.