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Yin Yoga 100 Hour Module

(Builds towards 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification)

Instructor, Stephen Bison, ERYT 500

We are pleased to offer a highly anticipated 100-hour yin certification coming in April 2018.


Yin #1 - April 28-29
Yin #2 - May 19-20
Yin #3 - June 2-3
Yin #4 - June 9-10


It's called Yin Teacher Training because that’s what you’ll be prepared to do: teach. But it’s really something different. Something more.  It’s personal investigation… where you will create a deep and lasting relationship with yourself, build on honesty supported by self-love, compassion, and respect so that you can hold that space for others to know themselves. No matter how experienced you are, you cannot learn yoga anatomy from a book or a DVD. You will learn through practicing techniques both on ourselves and on fellow students.

In this Yin Yoga Teacher Training, you will study and apply a series of practical tests for analyzing the bone structure, compression and tension of our students. You will have the opportunity to learn – in a safe environment – to read a human being, to sense your own limitations and to test and recognize those of others. Eventually, with the benefit of myriad insights and enhanced self-awareness, you will be able to assess the needs and limitations of your students. Moreover, as a result of practicing many repetitions, you will feel more secure and clear about your approach to Yin Yoga and anatomy.

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