Collage for the Hungry Soul – an inquiry into what you need to be nourished 

Instructor, Leslie Typrin

2.5 Hour Workshop, $35

Is there something deep down in your soul that you are Hungry for?  Do you know what you need to feel nourished in your body, relationships, job, and life?  If you are curious and open to explore what this means then please join us for an afternoon of Collage for the Hungry Soul. 


We will be diving into what you need more of in your life to feel truly nourished, to feel joyous, to feel alive again!  Using simple writing prompts, questions to stoke your creative fire, and an abundance of collage materials you will explore and journey into the heart of what you need to THRIVE.  This creative process is a tool you can use in your everyday life and when you walk away from our time together you will not only have your own collage card but also a method for continuing this work on your own.  


No need to worry if you don’t think you are an “artist”– this is about you showing up with an open heart and open mind to play in the creative musings of your heart!  There is no right or wrong way to create in The Wild Woman Playhouse…. There is only your way.

Classes are $35 for 2.5hrs and all materials are included, join me for 1 or 2 sessions!

Workshop dates in September

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Meet Leslie Typrin, Renaissance Woman

Leslie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur; self-taught mixed media artist, Certified Wild Heart Expressive Arts and Intuitive Painting Teacher, and Women’s Empowerment Coach. She has created the Wild Woman Playhouse as a nourishing place for women to ignite their creativity and experience more personal power, freedom, and joy in their bodies and lives.  It was through Expressive Arts (the practice of using imagery, storytelling, movement, sound, drama, poetry, and visual art as a way for self-discovery, healing, and empowerment) that she found her way out of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem and rediscovered her passion for creativity and life in her early 40’s.  She is now on a mission to build a community of Courageous, BOLD, Empowered Wild Women!  Leslie has designed her classes for every woman to be able to experience and embody their own beautiful authentic self-expression so that they too can connect more deeply with themselves, create a life they love, and celebrate with other like-minded women.    Her work is based in radical self-acceptance and compassion and her classes are a judgement and critic free zone.  This allows her students to let go of creating a “perfect” art project and instead engage with their own curiosity and focus on the process of self-inquiry through the expressive arts. She is bursting with excitement to share the magic of the expressive arts with women in the DFW area.  
Leslie and her family moved to Prosper 5 years ago after spending the previous 10 years on the West Coast.   You can often find Leslie in her garage painting murals, in her art studio sculpting healing dolls, or in the kitchen cooking meals for her two teenage sons.  She loves to travel to culturally rich countries (most recently to Thailand and Italy), journal, doodle, read, and be in nature.