Wholeness of Body, Mind and Spirit

Restorative Yoga with Christian Meditation

September 13 (7-8:30 pm), September 20 (7-8:30 pm)

This is a special series of classes exploring the theological concepts of sabbath and suffering as we live as Christ's hands and feet to the world.  We are called as Christians to both join Christ's suffering as we embrace a hurting world, but also he calls us to exclusion, to allow ourselves to come away and enter His rest.   Come practice a time of deep rest and meditation.  We will explore connections to ourselves, to others and to Christ through a Restorative Yoga class, scripture, nurturing touch, and teaching on self care and self compassion.  The first hour will be a restorative yoga practice while the last 30 minutes will be teaching and discussion.  This class is especially helpful to those in helping professions such as teachers, counselors, medical professionals or first responders as it deals with how to process stress or trauma to build a more resilient life.

Instructor: Leah Knippel

ERYT 200 

Owner of Sacred Space