Yin Yoga with Purpose

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A subtle yet challenging practice, yin focuses on working the deeper tissues of the body using carefully selected poses. Held for longer durations, yin supports the opening and releasing of the tissues of our ligaments, joints and fascial networks. By finding stillness in the poses, students will enjoy a truly meditative experience. Yin provides the perfect balance to the more dynamic vinyasa or power yoga practice. This is a 60-minute class and all levels welcome! Come join Veena on the mat as she guides you through a deeply gratifying practice for the mind, body and spirit!

Class Dates and Times: 


Saturday, 11/16: 9:00AM 

Sunday, 11/17: 9:00AM 


Saturday, 11/23: 9:30AM

Instructor: Veena Kashyap, RYT 200

Life events brought Veena to the mat and what she has experienced on her journey made a lasting impression. As a student of this ancient practice, yoga has had a profound impact on Veena’s life and it is the very reason she chose to become a yoga teacher.
Veena describes her teaching style as meditative movement. Asana (poses or postures) practice not only helps the student build a strong body, but more importantly, helps cultivate stillness of the mind. Asana is a means to foster and prepare the student for the ultimate union between mind, body and spirit. 
Veena teaches both power and yin styles of yoga and has personally benefitted from the balance of strength and renewal these practices have to offer. Come meet her on the mat as she helps the modern-day yogi explore the benefits of this ancient practice.
Yoga means "union" and is a path to personal growth. The lesson of yoga is not about nailing the pose but about nailing life!
Atha yoganusasanam.
Now, the teachings of yoga.
Yoga Sutra 1.1