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Treisha Peterson

I studied Family & Consumer Sciences as an undergraduate student and have enjoyed sharing my love for Family Resource Management in a variety of settings through church and community opportunities throughout the years. My original plan was to raise my family and, eventually, go back to school to get a PhD and teach at a university! That ‘plan’ has been modified over the years and (after chaos rocked our home and family) resulted in my simultaneously receiving a Master’s Degree in Family Studies AND a Yoga Teacher Certification. At the time, it seemed like a really strange combination to me and I often wondered how (or if) I would ever use the two together. 

In the end, the two have been a unique and perfect coupling for my study of Adolescent Perfection, Religion, and Distress. I have found an intersection, a place where my education and my yoga training come together to make an impact in the lives of adolescent’s and families in transition, and (often) distress. I love that I am part of a growing group of educators and students of Family Studies, Positive Psychology, Wellness, and Meditation that have come together to understand, and hopefully improve, individual and family well-being. 

I have always known that I wanted to strengthen young people and foster joy and balance in our homes, schools and communities. However, my research of the past few years has definitely led me to be a champion for strengthening the youth of our society; empowering  youth and families of our day with the mindset, focus, and resilient confidence to overcome the sting of perfectionism, learn and grow from their challenges, and find hope in their own power, strength, and courage! 

Thanks for joining me on this journey, 

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