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Thai Yoga100 Hour Certification

(Builds towards 300 Hour Advanced Yoga Certification)

Instructors, Shannon Caldwell, ERYT 500

and Teresa Bybee, RYT 500

Thai Yoga takes the best of East and West by combining energy work with assisted yoga postures to create a deep, transformational experience.

There has been a rise in popularity in this hands-on modality. Recipients report amazing benefits from 60-90 minute sessions, and for the teacher (aka practitioner), it’s a great way to work 1:1 with individuals, adding another layer to your skills and confidence as a yoga teacher.

Thai Yoga incorporates a wide range of techniques such as palming, acupressure, stretching, assisted yoga postures, and meditation. All the techniques can be modified to meet the need of the recipient, and result in a powerful experience.

The 100-hour Thai Yoga certification also combines the best of Shannon’s knowledge from her time with Jonas Westring at Kripalu (in 2003) with Teresa’s passion and studies in Thai work and bio-mechanics. The curriculum is suitable for yoga teachers, massage therapists, personal trainers, dancers, martial arts, or anyone interested in expanding their hands-on assisting skills.

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