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Yoga Series for Tweens and Teens starts next week

Perfectly Imperfect starts Sept 28, 5-6pm

This series is an introduction to yoga, mindfulness, and meditation for teens and tweens through an interwoven theme of being perfectly imperfect, ultimately finding acceptance of ourselves and others. Do you have a teen and tween who is interested in yoga, but doesn't know where to start? Maybe you worry your child is striving too hard to be "perfect" in our increasingly imperfect world - or feels alone even amongst friends, misunderstood, unwanted, or "not good enough." Invite them to join us at Sacred Space Yoga as we dive into several styles of yoga over this six week series incorporating the theme of being "perfectly imperfect." Find out what it means to be perfectly imperfect, seeing "beauty" from the inside, and how to manifest all of this into our everyday lives through yoga, mindfulness, and meditation. Each class in this six week series will touch on a different style of yoga that complements our theme. Classes will also include simple exercises to carry our theme and practice throughout the week outside of the studio. No previous yoga experience is necessary! Yoga is for every BODY. Modifications and props will be used and taught as well. Six week series begins September 28th and goes through October 12th, with a mid-series break on October 19th, then continuing October 26th through November 9th. Classes will be from 5:00pm to 6:00pm. Click here to register.

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