Dr. Jodi Ashbrook

Dr. Jodi Ashbrook is an educator and entrepreneur; Founder of ZenLeader, The Be Brand, The Yoga Movement, The U School and Elevate Higher Ed. She’s also a speaker, writer, and traveling yoga teacher who has embarked on a documentary research project across the United States called Wandering West. Jodi’s nonprofit arm, The Yoga Movement, offers foundational wellness education to students of all ages. Jodi shamelessly wears her heart on her sleeve, and has a passion for helping others follow suit with her new Spirit Cartel retail brand, launching in 2019.

Jodi is passionate about creating experiences for people to grow, reflect, believe in themselves and their dreams.

As an avid yogi, Jodi came to her yoga mat for the first time in 2008. Her yoga and meditation practice soon became the one thing she looked forward to everyday as it was a place of peace, hope and provided a sense of confidence. Ashbrook credits her yoga and meditation practice as tools that have helped her to discover and become comfortable loving and being her authentic self.  

Jodi has been described as a, “strong, energetic and focused teacher who is committed to the growth and evolution of her students.” Her mindful and inclusive approach as a teacher is focused on guiding students of all levels to use yoga as a tool for self-discovery. Jodi helps her students find a place of peace on their own mat that will enable them to overcome fears and move through self-created barriers.

Jodi believes we are all leaders. Leaders of our own personal journey. As a leader in business and in life, she lives by the philosophy, “be the leader you would follow.”

 Learn more about Jodi's work at www.jodiashbrook.com.