Family Systemic

Constellation Workshop

with Irina Silva 

What is Family Systemic Constellation Workshop? 

On Family Constellations, we look to the consciousness beyond the normal consciousness. During the session, the simplest phenomena of nonverbal communication is greater than words however something even more remarkable happens connecting historical and inter- generational themes. DNA explained us, not long ago why we look similar to our own family. Eyes and hair color, feature, traits and much more. With Family Constellations, you are able to understand how the ancestor’s connections in your family impact more and more deeply than you first may be aware. Through these bonds, we inherit more than just beautiful faces and kindness. There are burdens and blessings along the road, with this method we can bring light to some issues you may be experiencing right now that can be part of your family history sometimes even hidden history. 

What consists Family Constellations Workshop? 

Family Constellations groups are very resourceful. The representatives will play a very important role during the session. The person who wants to "constellate" will bring its particular subject to be clarified and healed. 

There are two options:

A) Sign Up to do your Constellation - Just focus on what is your concern/issue/problem and we'll set a Constellation to look of what is revealed to you that needs to be cleared, healed or recognized. 

B) Sign Up to Participate and be part of someone Constellation. You may be call to represent someone or some situation that needs to be cleared, don't worry, there ́s no right or wrong action, just come with your heart open. 

Being a representative is very important to help those who are asking for resolutions or clarity on a particular subject. although you'll also benefit from your participation. No one is chosen randomly. Our Soul Connections do a impressive job connecting all the resources available to help you to face, understand, clarify and heal the situation that brought you to the group. Everyone involved takes something within. 

What can I expect from the workshop? 

Family Constellation workshop starts with someone's theme. One person who signs up to do a Constellation will bring a subject to be clarified. Some individuals can be picked up to represent the subject. from there the Constellation will give us details of what needs to be cleared, healed or recognized and the facilitator will act accordingly (if/when needed). In the end you can expect to clear the subject that brought you to Family Constellations. Sometimes the soul needs time to integrate and some people need a little more time to really take all in, but after a few hours or even days one is expected to have clarity about its question. 

Is it limited to family subjects? 

NOT at ALL. In Family Constellations Workshops almost anything can be addressed. What Bert Hellinger realized was that the majority of our recurrent or persistent problems are due to entanglements that start in families roots and through generations we'll carry burdens, beliefs, anxieties that can limit our actual life and disturb our potential. During his lifelong study of human behavior, he established 3 important laws that define the structure of Family Constellations. Law of hierarchy - who arrives first -generations Law of Belonging - natural order established trough link's Law of Balance - the balance between give and receive. Based on all these natural law's it's possible to understand where is the root of your concerns. 

When these laws are broken inside a group (as it is a family) the group member start to act differently to compensate, it's when the unbalance starts to manifest trough symptoms like financial hardness, struggles on relationships, intimacy problems, emotional compensations, physical symptoms, diseases, difficulty to maintain a job, depressive states, just to name a few. 

A Family Constellations Workshop is a profound and immersive deep work to bring clarity, heal wounds, release or recognize the roots of the problems you are now addressing. In-Person Workshop held in Frisco-Texas - groups and individual sessions. 

Even though Verbal Language is not the most important communication during a Family Constellation Workshop, it is available in English, Portuguese and Spanish.


Irina Silva

Family Constellations Facilitator

Life & Transpersonal Coach

Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, Akashic Records 469-777-2333

Instructor: Irina Silva 

After many years helping people heal the body and mind as a Naturopath, coaching them towards healthy life changes, I finally understood that I wasn't including the Spirit. I kept searching and studying internationally between Europe and USA, giving me different backgrounds in Hypnosis, Past-Life Regression, Family Systemic Constellations and Transpersonal Psychology, which I consider to be amazing tools for releasing and accepting the Past to bring peace to the Present and set free the Future. I am also a mother and wife, but more importantly I’m a woman who carries all the Feminine strength and power as it’s fragilities also. With Family Constellations work I’ve grew up internally and integrated more about my role and my mission than in the previous 30 plus years before. I now live in the fantastic city of Frisco and can’t wait to share with you this beautiful and transformational work.