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Christen Ackles

Christen found her way into Belly Dance while serving in the Navy and stationed in Oklahoma of all places. While battling crippling depression due to the work environment, Christen was guided by the universe to seek out dance in 2010 as a way to keep her sanity. One class in, and she was in love. Christen continued taking classes from different teachers in Oklahoma as well as after moving to Washington State in 2012, and attending different workshops at the TribalFest that was held in Seattle each year. She began teaching in Washington State after moving there, and found her joy in sharing her passion of Belly Dance, believing that the best teachers are always students themselves who never stop learning. Even while taking a hiatus from teaching to raise children, Christen never stopped dancing even if it was just in front of the bathroom mirror. Christen is also a trained Birth Doula, professionally trained in Dancing for Birth, and is certified as a Sacred Pregnancy and Birth Journey Instructor as well as a Sacred Postpartum Mother Roaster. She loves to combine dance with prenatal wellness and birth, and believes that dance is just the spirit expressing itself in joy. 

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